Clash of Clans Builder

Clash of Clans StrategyThis level 10 resource/farming optimization defense is one of the better ones. The player is clearly a great clash of clans builder. Notice the positioning of the air defenses. They’re in the 2nd tier of defense. Notice how the X-Bows reach nearly every part of the base for optimal coverage. The Inferno Towers are setup to take out the big guns when they get close to gold and elixir stores. The reason he’s a great clash of clan builder is because you can see he’s tested this all the way to level 97 and he’s still going strong.

Clash of Clans Strategy 2

This guy’s level 10 base has lower level walls, but his placement of buildings makes him a great clash of clan builder. Each of the wide range defensive units, such as X-Bows and Mortars are either in the middle or behind their own set of walls, making them very hard to get at. As one of the better lower level clash of clans builder, this is one defense most people wouldn’t want to go up against.

Clash of Clans Strategy 3

This resource saving defense is kind of all over the place. It looks like this Clash of Clans builder started from the center and kept placing defensive attack units circling the middle. The X-Bows cover most of the base and the Inferno Towers help with the dragons and heroes. Each defensive unit needs to get upgraded and the walls look like they’re in the works of upgrade. This builder looks creative and is learning by experience. He’s definitely a Clash of Clans builder we’ll keep our eyes on.

Clash of Clans Strategy 4

Now this resource saving base is one of our more favorites. As Clash of Clans builders ourselves, we’re a bit jealous of this because the resources are so strategically placed to be defended. He’s clearly a great Clash of Clans builder with great strategy. Look how each set of resource banks is separate from the others. The X-Bows protect the core of the base, the dark elixir storage. Brilliant defense.

Clash of Clans Strategy

What is your Clash of Clans Strategy? There is definitely not only 1 way to be awesome at Clash of Clans, but some strategies are definitely better than others. Are you a farmer? Defensive player? Attacker? or Hybrid? Once you pass the 1000 trophies into 1200 trophies, you will usually see clans with their town […]

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Clash of Clans Builder

clash of clans builder

The core secret to clash of clans builder is to know what strategy you are going to take with your clan. There is not a perfect strategy, no matter what anyone tells you, but if you follow our tips you can be more effective. First step is to choose your strategy Defense Offense Hybrid Farming […]

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